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Press Release

Halloween Help!

In the festive spirit of this autumn season, we thought it only fitting to have everyone send in their best Zelda cosplay pictures from this halloween weekend!  Take lots of pictures! We want to put them up on the site. Preferably with the Wig of Time photoshopped in!  We'll post the one's with the most heart on the home page of the site. (email here) Check out the rad cosplayers that showed up at the Connichi Convention during the Hero of TIme screening in Germany! 

If you live in LA be sure to use this time to let people know about the screening and pass out the flyers we've uploaded to the site!  Bring at least 3 friends, and get an LA screening Hero of Time poster! If you bring 5 or more people to the screening, we'll give you a signed movie poster… and… a high five. To receive such tremendous prizes just make sure your friends bring the flyers with your name on them. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Courtesy of The Connichi Convention. Kassel, Germany.

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