HoT SPOTS ARE UP!!!! + New Video Update (01-22-09)

 IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT YOUR VOTE FOR A SCREENING IN A CITY NEAR YOU, REGISTER IN THE HOT SPOTS TAB!!! (Note: Some of the Verification Codes are taking a little while. Give it a few minutes; they WILL come.)

This video update addresses the HoT SPOTS; and once again we have rummaged through some of the questions submitted in the question forums and answered them as best we could. Enjoy the new Q and A #3!




NEW HoT PROMO!!! (01-22-09)

We are going to be opening up the HOT SPOTS today so everyone can register their city for a screening of The Hero of Time. We will also be posting a new update/Q and A (#3). In the meantime enjoy The Hero of Time Dance Party!!!! Look Familiar?


This is part 2 to the Q&A recently posted on the site. As said in the update, we are hoping to have the site updated very soon to get feedback from you guys on where the film would be most accepted starting in the US. Keep checking back for more developments.

SO MANY SPOILERS Part 1 (12-17-08)

This is part 1 of the next HoT Video Series Update. Part 2 will be coming in a couple days! Sorry if we didn’t get around to your particular question. We found that a majority of the questions were tremendously redundant and were things addressed in the FAQ, the last video update, and in the About. Be sure to give us feedback on what you’d like to see in the next video updates. Thanks for watching!!! Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel THEHEROOFTIMEMOVIE as well as the RSS feed!!!

Be sure to leave some love in the comments for George R. Powell for his piquant interview!!!


Pictures!!! 12-15-08

Picture 49 Picture 47 Picture 60 Picture 83 Picture 28 Picture 94 Picture 46 Picture 56 Picture 89 Picture 70 Picture 90 Picture 80 Picture 74 Picture 73 Picture 71 Picture 61 Picture 75 Picture 84 Picture 63 Picture 62 Picture 57 Picture 45 Picture 37 Picture 21 Picture 93 Picture 91 Picture 87 Picture 66 Picture 79 Picture 76

Sorry that most of these are screen grabs from the trailer : /
We’ll upload more here in a bit!

Download the High Res Trailer 12-14-08

Click here to get the original high resolution trailer!


(Note: If you are having trouble downloading, try clearing your cache. Don’t worry, we are looking for a better way to share some of our content. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or can volunteer some space for online distribution.)

NEW HoT VIDEO UPDATE!!! (12-5-08)

Hey everybody!

Check out the newest video update! This is a video in response to the questions collected from  Also, CHECK OUT the new questionnaire page and ask your questions there! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel as well as the RSS feed for future updates!



New trailer release! 11/27/08


Official update to the long awaited movie, The Hero of Time!


The first official update to the long awaited movie, The Hero of Time!

New Trailer Nov. 27th!!!

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