Pasco, WA Film Festival Oct. 17TH!! + More Epic Music!

Last month we made it to the east coast and Germany, this month (and next, stay tuned!) we’ll be on the west coast! If you live in or around Washington state, stop by the Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival in conjunction with Tri-City Comic Con (TC3) in Pasco, WA on Saturday, October 17th, 2009 at 4PM! The Hero of Time. So if you are in the area, stop by see The Hero of Time and let us know what you thought of the film!

TCIF3-09 Poster


Check back Monday for another BIG screening announcement!


Also, our 5th weekly music track is up! Leave some love for Mr. Powell in the comments here.



To New York and Beyond Germany! Plus New Soundtrack Download!

Hey everyone! Our first European screening will be sooner than we thought!

Following our New York City screening on Saturday, September 12th at Tribeca Cinemas, The Hero of Time will be screened at the Connichi Convention in Kassel, Germany on Friday, September 18th! Please visit the Connichi website for more information.

Germany is one of our top requested European HoT spots, so if you live in or around Germany, this is your chance to see the film on the big screen before the public release! Although the producers and actors in the film will most likely not attend, our friends hosting the convention will make sure all supporters of the film feel welcome. We’d really love to hear your feedback after the screening, so be sure to comment on the forum or shoot us an email with your thoughts!

Download the soundtrack!

We want to share more of the film with everyone before the public release, so we are going to be releasing tracks from The Hero of Time soundtrack! We will be releasing the full tracks from the Soundtrack Montage starting with “Music Box“. We are also adding a tab on the website for more information and track downloads. If you dig George R. Powell’s inspired work on the The Hero of Time, be sure to check out his website.

Be sure to check back on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more track releases in the weeks to come! We’ll be releasing selected tracks from the 26 piece score every few weeks. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to register below if you plan on attending the New York screening this Saturday – September 12th!


GREAT NEWS! On September 12th, 2009 we’re bringing The Hero of Time to the Tribeca Cinemas theatre in NEW YORK CITY!!! We are planning on two screenings – 7:15 and 9:15PM. Doors open for the first showing at 7:00PM, so be sure to show up early! For those of you not anywhere near New York City; don’t fret. You can still sign up for HoT SPOTS!

Sorry it has taken us so long to organize these next screenings. We know some of you are annoyed that we haven’t announced a list of places the movie will screen. As we’ve mentioned from the start, this is a not-for-profit venture from Legend of Zelda fans. We hope that if this screening works out, the HoT SPOTS will build momentum and everyone will see it on something other than a 20-part-low-res-Youtube-playlist : )

Thanks again for your support and for being patient with us!

Again, here are the details on the screening:

Saturday, Sept. 12th 7:15P & 9:15P

Tribeca Cinemas

54 Varick Street New York, NY 10013



Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the World Premiere here in Atlanta! We were astonished to hear the great many miles many of you traveled to attend. It meant a lot to us. We had a fantastic turn out for both screenings, and had a rather encouraging response from the attendees! If you missed the event, don’t fret! Cause A.) you can watch the event video, and it will be just as though you were there; and B.) you still can sign your city up for a HoT SPOT!

A great many of you have been asking if the film will be released online or on DVD at this time. We plan on it, but not quite yet. We want to hold at least a few more screenings in a couple cities and festivals first, so at least some of you have the chance to see it on the big screen! (Sign up here)

Because of the feedback and turnout during our world premiere in Atlanta we became very confident about the HoT SPOTS idea, and are more excited than ever to bring the film to your city! The only problem is that we still need a lot more people to sign up. So, start spreading the word to friends in your city! We could use your support! If you are interested in helping,

you can:

Post the trailer anywhere online and put the poster anywhere! Online, at your school, or on your local billboard!

Send us recommendations of websites to get in touch with! (

Volunteer to showcase The Hero of Time material on your website!

Thanks again, and remember, you can register for a screening in a city near you on our HoT SPOTS page.

If you press Pause you can Scroll through the images with the Arrow Keys!!


Hey Everyone!
Thank you so much for your support! Remember, the the film premieres on Saturday, June 6th at 7:30PM at The Plaza Theatre! We hope to see ALL of you there! Click here for details.

ALSO, we have a wonderful new poster that you all can feel free to spam all over the internet and share with your friends!

Visit Our Page


Again, here are the details for the Atlanta premiere:
The Plaza Theatre
1049 Ponce De Leon Ave. Atlanta GA. 30306




Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for being so patient and for sticking with us for so long! For some of you it has been longer than others. Some of you first got word of the film when you were leaving middle school, and now you’re off to college : /

We are so pleased to let you all know that the film IS complete and have scheduled its public WORLD PREMIERE on Saturday, June 6th at 7:30PM in Atlanta at the Plaza Theatre!!!  Ponce De Leon Ave. Atlanta GA. 30306 

Be sure to get there early, because the film will start promptly at 7:30PM

So yes, the wait is over, at least for those near Atlanta. Note: The film won’t be released online June 6th! But if you want to see the film come to your city next, be sure to register your city for a HoT Spot!

Guten tag!

While we are preparing for our next BIG video update, posting here in the next couple days, we’re happy to present some international press the film is receiving! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No? Thats okay, click here to read the translation on the forum! Thanks for being patient and for continuing to make the HoT spots burgeon with little red pins!


Check back really soon for some really important news!! And don’t forget to register for HoT Spots!!

Composer Extraordinaire!

George R. Powell has done an incredible job supporting the tone of our film with his exceptional 87 minute original score to The Hero of Time. You can hear kindred Zelda melodies, but overall there is nothing overtly video-game-like about it.  The score really is one of the best parts about the movie and we are so proud of George and his work. He has fashioned a wonderful little showcase featuring a few samples of the score to The Hero of Time:

Also, we are posting an entire track from The Hero of Time score for your listening pleasure!!!  Enjoy.

Be sure to stop by his website at and let him know how hard he rocks!


Some of you might have noticed the site was down for a few days. No worries, we are back! You can report any problems by replying to this post. Thanks!

– HoT Team.

Thank You!

Hey Everyone!

We have been so enthused by your response to HoT Spots! For those of you who haven’t signed up, here is a preview of the areas with the most activity represented by the push pins.




Here are the leading cities!

1. Los Angeles

2. Minneapolis/St. Paul

3. New York

4. Philadelphia

5. Houston

We are so happy with everyone’s support! We will be releasing some new media for you all to enjoy very soon. Some of which, fans of George R. Powell will love! As well as another HoT series video update!

Check back with us soon, and don’t forget to register a Hot Spot if you plan on attending a screening or want The Hero of Time to come to a screen in your area!

– HoT Team

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