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:::::::::::We are no longer collecting info on the HoT Spots. Everyone did so well and we were amazed at the amount of registering people! Thanks for signing up! Feel free to take a look at the map to see how you and your friends did::::::::::::::

Remember: by signing up, you are making an informal statement that you would attend the screening if it came to your city.

Like we said in the last video update, this is our best attempt at distribution for now. Hopefully we will see a good response and be able to take it everywhere! (Do not sign up more than once, your IP address will register as SPAM)


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This map shows what cities and surrounding areas have the most signups for a screening. If your city isn’t looking too hot, be sure to tell people you know to register too!


Those of you outside the US are welcome to sign up as well, but we probably won’t make it overseas before we have been able to test how these screenings are going to work locally!

Special thanks to our friend Stefan Aichholzer

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  1. zeldamasteroffire says:

    PS. They own Every Alamo Draft House that has ever been built+, my family is good friends with them.


  2. Lozfan448 says:



  3. edeasknight says:

    I saw someone left a comment about coming to Montreal for the Fantasia Film Festival. Sounds like the best opportunity to me and it just makes SENSE…. PLEASSEEE!!!! Otherwise as god is my witnessed I’ll drive the New York or wherever it’ll screen in the US. I live in Ottawa and just drove to Miami and back, nothing can stop me from assisting to a screening. Sorry for the ranting.


  4. sirsquishy says:

    Incase you cannot get a Theature to show your film here in Arizona, you can always turn to a University. ASU, and U of A both are open to Amateur Films, and i know if you put a headline in the local newpaper for both College’s you would have a huge turn out.

    Just an Option.


  5. sirsquishy says:

    Just another Idea.

    Why not hit up all major Universities and see if they would be willing to put on the movie for a saturday, I think that would be the easiest way to get the film out there to those that really want to see it, like I do.

    If you are unable to do any more viewings, are you planning on releasing it to DVD (maybe based on Order?) or available via Download (Maybe an Itunes or Amazon download?)


  6. zeldamaster says:

    PLEASE tell me we’re gonna get dallas! i can go there, it’s only a few hour drive!


  7. Gyaretto says:

    When will the next city be announced for a screening?


  8. theclerium says:

    Plz send it somewhere in Mexico!


  9. Metallica Thrasher says:

    hey admin! I used to live in brasilia, and I signed a hotspot there… but now I live in other state… what should I do, dude?


  10. Metallica Thrasher says:

    oh and… sorry if you’re a chick, and not a dude… sorry xD


  11. admin says:

    @Metallica Thrasher Just register your new HoT Spot. We’ll take care of it :)


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    […] back really soon for some really important news!! And don’t forget to register for HoT Spots!! Share and […]

  14. devingreszczak says:

    Zelda Is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Awsome!!!!!!!!!!


  15. JTabares says:



  16. Phoenix223 says:

    PLEASE come to Chicago!
    If you do, show it at the Gateway theater at the Copernicus Center

    There’s also the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge.


  17. Michael02 says:

    Is the movie going to be played at on city at a time and i rather just buy the movieif that would be faster


  18. bsheffield87 says:

    I can’t wait to actually see this film. I’ve been following the progress of the film for a couple years now and I still remember simply reading interviews before there was even a trailer released. Now that the world premiere has come and gone, I am looking forward to more releases of the film in other cities, especially out here in Los Angeles. I really hope your screenings pan out well and I’ll continue waiting diligently until the film is finally screened out here.

    And, as usual, I’ll continue watching the site for updates. :)


  19. Raven says:

    Bring this movie to Halifax please!!! i am spreading the word starting today, and can get you in touch with the Empire Theaters we have here in Bayer’s Lake, I know the Manager there well and will see if there’s a way you can get in touch with her. Thank you so much for making this movie, it is everything I imagined an LoZ movie would be.
    190 Chain Lake Drive
    Bayers Lake Business Park
    Halifax, NS B3S 1C5
    Phone: (902) 876-4800
    Ask for the manager Candice Beers you could tell her that Mike Shatford would really appreciate having this movie screen here in Nova Scotia, I’m sure it is possible to have Empire Theaters play your movie, thanks again!


  20. Raven says:

    May have signed up twice by accident… was just trying to get back on this page sorry. You can Delete that sign up for sure. Oh and I’ve been telling everyone here in Halifax about the movie, and am currently passing out the movie posters. There’s a lot of enthusiasm about your movie here!


  21. Saganaga33 says:

    Will it play in Peoria? famous saying google it.


  22. Raven says:

    i created a facebook group to raise awareness about your movie here in Nova Scotia’s Metro area ( that means around halifax). Anyway there are now 124 members/friends that would love to see your movie. plz come to Hali!


  23. admin says:

    – Raven –
    A facebook page is a great idea! it definitely helps us out!


  24. yugimon121 says:

    hi i sent a request for a hotspot in Cork, Ireland.
    but however it didnt show up on when i reloaded the page and looked at the map an hour later.
    could you help admin?


  25. Maple says:

    PLEASE, somewhere in or near Florida (near meaning close like Georgia), I love Zelda!! Btw, did you guys make a myspace or something? That could probably help a lot !(like Raven doing the facebook)


  26. linksliltri4ce says:



  27. artemisia says:

    Please come to Austria – Graz or Gleisdorf – your trailer is great, I love it.


  28. FierceDiety says:

    Unlinke most responses, I’m not going to ask you to listen to me beg. I just wanted to make the statement that coming to a midwestern city (in a tri-state area) would draw from several miles all around. A city like Cincinnati is so far east of the further west cities that it could draw from eveyrwhere in between.


  29. watties says:

    Calgary, Alberta, Calgary…

    I will perform certain favors for you if you agree. I can get you women…..


  30. chargeyman says:

    boston!!! or anywhere in MA! U GUYS OWN!!! i hated it when ign put up that fake zelda trailer! u guys made it real!!! U OWN


  31. egi152003 says:

    I hope you guys will come to Northampton, MA. I will love to see the movie in my hometown.


  32. primogen18 says:

    I would love to see this movie, and hope it comes around this area where I am. I am actually located in West Lafayette, IN, but Indianapolis would work well. Chicago might work too, but Indianapolis would be good too because of how much a draw Gencon receives, alot of gamers and such.


  33. Raven says:

    halifax for sure, there are now 190 members in the facebook group i made. is that enough? haha not nearly but were gettin there. right?


  34. aliciamclarke says:

    D.C.! D.C.! yea yea yea! come to D.C.! WE LOVE LEGEND OF ZELDA! woot!


  35. linkfan57x says:

    Please come to Lake Charles in Louisiana!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE ZELDA!!!


  36. Linkscourage says:

    Seriously, COME TO HANOVER, PA. There are many Zelda fans here, I know a lot of fans myself.


  37. GEXROX says:

    i just saw that it was coming to perth, australia and almost wet myself!
    but before i sign up, can you confirm any particular dates as to when you’d be there? cos thats like the only screening i’d be able to watch and i REALLY want to see this!


  38. BBmG says:

    Tennessee desperately needs more Zelda fans… Preferable ones around Knoxville. x3

    At least I’ll be able to see it online at some point!


  39. Lukas_S says:

    Dear HoT Staff,
    I am from NB Canada and am a huge Zelda fan. Now, I know you’ve only done screenings in the US so far, but I can’t afford to fly out there in time. So knowing that I’m not alone, I was wondering if you could set something up in Canada in the future. Preferably in New Brunswick (lol) but I know that more people would probably come if you went to Toronto, Ontario or Montreal, Quebec. Anyway, If you do do a screening in Toronto/Montreal let me know (and save me a seat as they will go FAST) Really looking forward to seeing the movie, and great job!


  40. biggestzeldafaneverdammit says:



  41. Zelda Freakin Dungeon says:

    […] film come to your home town, head on over to The Hero of Time website and head over to their hot spots page. All you have to do is register a user name, confirm your e-mail, and then type information on […]

  42. hank says:

    please come to chicago like i said i am twelve and i want to see this movie


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