You can now listen to George R. Powell’s all original score to The Hero of Time HERE! 



George R. Powell is the creative genius behind one of the most impressive attributes of the film; the score. Since he contributed such an important part to the film, we thought it only proper to create an exclusive tab just for his work. :)  We were honored to work with him, and are still so proud to have his talent enhance over 95 minutes of our film! Powell fully self-orchestrated and composed the score. He worked faithfully on the score for over a year in a tight collaborative effort with Producer and Music Coordinator David Blane and Director/Producer Joel Musch. For more information on Powells’s process working on the score, read what he had to say about the experience on his website. The score consists of 26 tracks and contains several familiar melodies from the beloved series.

music box


battle of hyrule






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  1. valery says:

    this awsome


  2. the legend master says:

    your right it is epic music


  3. artemisia says:

    Really great epic music! I love this soundrack! Really great composed.


  4. Brainanac says:

    I want to say don’t stop making music like this. This is the best movie music I have heard. I can’t wait until I can download the movie to a DVD. Keep this up.


  5. KArl-Alexandre Mandanici says:

    EPIC Music lol that is the exact name for it.
    Excellent job Mr Powell!
    BTW, you really got the name to create music lol XD


  6. George R. Powell says:

    lol Thank you.

    I once decided to include my middle initial because it makes my name look spiffier and less geeky (who cares about a guy named George Powell? It’s a name you’re used to hearing a kindergarten teacher yell across the room when I do something bad – okay, done revisiting childhood >.>).

    Again, thank all of you for your support! =D


  7. Brandon says:

    “They will be MP3s, compressed to 192kbps so they will be of reasonable filesizes yet a step above traditional CD quality”

    What? That’s not a step above CD quality!


  8. George R. Powell says:

    The CD Quality compression standard is 128kbps, so yes it is.

    I could have compressed the tracks at 320, but then each piece would be 10-20MB a piece depending on their length, which would be a very long download for some users.

    The archived (ZIP file) OST right now stands at around 100MB as is.


  9. Jamie says:

    Absolutely amazing, I have only heard 2 songs and I already think you have done an amazing job! You guys have truly filled the void in all our lives as we have wanted this forever! I am going to watch the movie tonight and I am more then excited!!!! Please know I am so appreciative of all your hard work and strive to make this film a success, As soon as u guys release this to DVD I will be buying ASAP!….Thank you so much!


  10. DBGarza says:

    Really amazing score!

    Leaving the Forest got tears out of me, it sure conveys the feelings that scene on the movie has.

    A really brilliant work.

    Music Box and Meeting Zelda are other two of my big favorites.


  11. George R. Powell says:

    Thank you again, guys.

    Stay tuned next week when the Official Soundtrack will be released. What you guys have in your possession now is only a significant but small portion of all the music there is. Only 4 of the pieces listed above are in the Official Soundtrack, and there will be over 20 tracks for you there.

    There would have been more, but I had to account for the fact that they’d all have to fit on an audio CD for you CD people. =)


  12. Atreus says:

    “The CD Quality compression standard is 128kbps, so yes it is.” // “I could have compressed the tracks at 320, but then each piece would be 10-20MB a piece depending on their length, which would be a very long download for some users.”

    Oh dear :i I’ll refrain from a drawn out comment on the above, and keep it to the following– At the very least, you should do a V0 release. and/or a FLAC one as well, for those who don’t want lossy. The soundtrack was what I, myself, enjoyed most about THOT, and I’d love to be able to re-listen to it proper. I’d gladly pay to have this happen, as I’m sure would many others.


  13. KArl-Alexandre Mandanici says:

    in that case, official soundtrack 1 and official soundtrack 2 😉


  14. DBGarza says:

    And the ones that will not make it will be available to download too? or we never gonna get them? well we got some since they’re with the above ones but since we don’t know exactly which are the ones that didn’t made it, we don’t know if there are more missing other than the ones that are above.

    I mean maybe a list with the ones that will not be included on the soundtrack would be good if that is possible =)


  15. George R. Powell says:

    Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, giving out the excluded tracks. I will say, though, that a number of the excluded tracks were left unfinished, but Joel ended up putting them to good use in post.

    @ Atreus: While I understand your concern, I will say that the MP3s you already have (and the ones you will have) already sound 90% close to the original renders, so you’re not really missing out on much. If I sent you the original renders, you probably wouldn’t even notice a difference.


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  17. Lukao says:

    Hi! I’m wondering… why do you put the “battle of Hyrule Part2” music, and not before the part 1? XD, can you explain to me please, thanks :).
    Anyway; I really love this movie, since i wait for it :D. And congratulations for your music, George R Powell, which is very close to the Game. And thank you for sharing with us your musics :D.


  18. link says:

    hi it’s me link I loved the movie you made but it’s all wrong.
    1st thing Saria was links friend and the deku tree raised link.
    2nd thing it was 7 year’s that past when link drew the master sword.
    Last when Ganondorf got killed he turned into a beast then the 6 sages put ganondorf sealed in time oops and saria gave link the fairy ocarina.


  19. Good_no_Bakes says:

    @ link
    yeah, I noticed those too, but it’s still a LOT closer than if a big studios did it.
    also one you missed was the sage of time, is zelda. it was rauru the sage of LIGHT who welcomed link.
    but the movie STILL ROCKED!


  20. Stephane Couture says:

    this is Awesome stuff!!! wonderful work


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  22. ZeldaQueen says:

    By far, the best part of the movie was the score. Like everything else, you could clearly find LOZ music at the heart of it, but it was still different enough to be fresh. It was all so beautiful! I loved it!


  23. Todd says:

    well can I make the hero of time 2 majoras mask movie


  24. richard says:

    This brings a tear to my eyes, it reminds me of a song that i heard before…it was the best most inspiring song of all time(in my opinion). But it was on a youtube video and the video and the user was removed from youtube, and now im still looking till this very day for that epic godly song.


  25. link says:

    thats true good


  26. Sharp the Elder says:

    The last time I was this excited was the time when I first discovered ZREO, but what you do, Mr. Powell, completely blows me away. Koji Kondo’s original themes from Ocarina of Time are still recognizable, but the way in which you have crafted it into your own creations leaves my mouth agape. I do not recall the last time I received this much enjoyment from listening to a score. You truly are amazing, and I wish you luck in your career!


  27. George R. Powell says:

    Thank you very much, Sharp. I really do appreciate it. =)


  28. Ricky says:

    When I try to download the score, it says that the server cannot be found. I would be very grateful if that could be fixed, as I really do find this to be some of the most wonderful music I’ve ever heard.


  29. Ryan says:

    OH. MY. GOSH. I just had an epicness explosion. The music is. just….I-I can’t even say how awesome it is! O_o This whole movie is breathtaking, you guys should be proud! You have made major Zelda history, good job everyone and good job George Powell! you guys made Zelda fans proud. I am having a Zelda day when Ocarina of time 3D comes out for Nintendo 3DS!


  30. Brittany says:

    WOW! that is epicly awesome! im sorry i missed the movie now :( i really wished i could’ve seen it……


  31. MASTERLINKX says:

    I heard 2 songs from the World Zelda Music Radio.
    And I was impressed.

    It made me check out the movie recently,
    and I must say, the music really does stand out.
    I downloaded the OST, and I am loving it!

    I don’t ever think there was a time where I downloaded an OST and actually enjoyed every single one of the songs.

    Thank you, George R. Powell.


  32. Drake says:

    I want to see a Majora’s Mask sequel! That would be epic. Maybe Nintendo could fund it?


  33. cin takvimi says:

    I believe you have mentioned some very interesting details , thanks for the post.


  34. Tarrizz says:

    idiots, go do a pirate bay search, the movie is there 😉


  35. Allison Kendal says:

    You are right! Facts are stubborn things😀


  36. Bryan says:

    will you be releasing any notation or midi files? even if they aren’t perfect, I would love to learn to play some of the soundtrack but am not skilled enough in ‘playing by ear’. =[


  37. Venita Lumadue says:

    Those who believe they are exclusively in the right are generally those who achieve something. Aldous Huxley


  38. FluffyPanda says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuude. 😀


  39. NejiHyuga900 says:

    Such an epic soundtrack. :)


  40. Beta Link says:

    Lord of the rings music IS epic! i have all 3 CD soundtracks to them 😀


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  42. Mikie says:

    The soundtrack is very phenomenal, but the movie itself could have been better in my opinion. I understand that it was supposed to be a little different than the storyline to OoT, but it just couldn’t grab me. And I’m a diehard Zelda fan. It grabbed me enough to put this movie up there with others that I watch from time to time for nostalgia. If y’all decide to do another Zelda story I’m begging you to please make it stand out and grab the attention of the viewers. The acting was pretty good. Its just the way it all turned out that disappointed me. And the Goron deserves an LoL. :p Gorons are my favorite race, so I have to give the actor that played as the Goron kudos.


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    […] While there are a few dark moments in the story, the movie never takes itself too seriously, and there are plenty of humourous scenes along the way, as well as hidden tidbits for the extra amusement of Zelda fans. While the movie will appeal mainly to Zelda fans, anyone who enjoys fantasy adventure should enjoy this movie, and they’ll still be able to follow the plot because The Hero of Time attempts to cater to those who haven’t played Zelda. One of the highlights of this movie is its beautiful soundtrack, composed by the talented George R. Powell. The music is original, with a definite Zelda flavor, and it is stunning. I highly recommend that you listen to it here. […]

  44. Jason says:

    This is definitely the best score for a fan-film I’ve ever heard, and it stands up there with a lot of the big ones I love from cinema. Great talent! :)


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