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  1. Spinkler says:

    Quite simply: Thank you for a dream come true. :)


  2. Ian says:

    i was wondering again if the movie will ever be captioned since i am hard of hearing


  3. Daniel Eriksson says:

    This film looks very interesting and I would love to see it. But I don’t have flash installed for various reasons so I can’t watch it on Dailymotion. Could you please upload a real, downloadable video as an alternative? That would be great!


  4. Jay Dial says:

    DUDE!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! I don’t have the game but i want it. I have part 1 of the manga book but not part two. I NEEDED to know how it ended. THANK U 4 MAKING THIS!!!!! 😀


  5. Jessie says:

    Hello!!! I was waiting for years to see a movie like this… you did a great job! The best that I’ve ever seen in fan-made stuff!

    I know that it’s free on the web, but I would like to buy a DVD copie to you ^^” is that possible? (even if I’m so far from you…–> freezing in the North: Canada ^^)

    Write me if it is :

    Comments with all my heart (sorry if you don’t understand it ^^”) :

    Vous êtes trop génial! MALADEMENT talentueux. Tellement de beaux souvenirs se ravivent en voyant le film! Il complête le jeu qui manquait parfois d’un peu d’émotion (dû à un Link muet). L’histoire est un peu différente, mais cela ne change rien…on en redemande! À quand le Majora’s mask movie!

    Well I would like to tell you that in english, but I wasn’t sure if I could make it really like I’m feeling now ^^” so I wrote it in my native tongue.

    Good luck for your next project (if there is one!)



  6. Edward says:

    Greetings, congratulations to Team BMB FINISHES, his film is spectacular, I love your story, the music is wonderful, I am also a movie work and I would like to support me by sending my mail on behalf of the software used to the production of their film, they are grateful. Good luck in future endeavors. Would be an honor to make the movie of my novel.


  7. Jens says:

    Hi there,
    Congratulation to this great movie. I hope there will be a german translation. So I can understand all dialogs of the movie


  8. majora06 says:

    Hello! I’m from the Netherlands and I’m very pleased with the release of the movie, it looks great, awesome and supercool! I just read there is not gonna be a DVD release at this time, will there be one in the future? I would like to see the movie, but not online (my laptop screen is very small: EeePC).

    Thanks for making a great movie, and good luck in future projects!
    Greetings, Bart


  9. snes says:

    hello, i love this movie, good job!! can you make french subtitles? that could be a miracle *w*, thanks thanks thanks, and congratulation!! it’s the best zelda’s movie that i saw !!! (scuse me for my english…)


  10. Masterfan says:

    Thank you so much i have been waiting 7 years of this movie and you guys and girls made it. I love you guys and girls.


  11. Olitrumpet says:

    ok, cela fait plusieurs années que je jette un coup d’oeil sur votre site internet de temps en temps. puis maintenant j’apprends que le film était disponible pour être visionné puis j’ai même pas pu le regarder… J’apprends aussi que je pourrai jamais le voir… Je suis désolé, je suis vraiment fâché. Je voulais voir à tout prix ce film là…


  12. nicco says:

    I am not even a Zelda fan and I liked the movie, but perhaps you can enlighten us about the story behind Nintendo’s move a bit more. Is this due to how copyright law is written, i.e. if they would have let you continue to distribute the movie this would threaten there copyright on future Nintendo produced Zelda films? I am just not buying the trademark argument, it is too lame. Is there a press release from Nintendo somewhere that explains more in detail there reasons for blocking the movie?


  13. Richard Chilton says:

    Just a question, but is there any way that we could get a copy of this film? You guys must have put in a lot of work and it would be neat to have that piece of art to remember forever.


  14. None says:

    Well this has hit Bittorrent… the flim shall live on until the end of time!


  15. TheBigMan says:

    where’s the torrent of this movie you promised us?!


  16. Ben says:

    I only heard about The Hero Of Time today when I saw this on Digg:

    Knowing I had to see this movie, I was greatly relieved to find that once something hits the internet, it can never be truly removed (blue ocarinas notwithstanding).

    Your work lives on and will be enjoyed by many even though Nintendo doesn’t want it to be seen for whatever silly reason.


  17. Aaron says:

    Hey, thanks for all the effort that you guys put into this film. It was understandably a low-budget film, and yet you still managed to pull off a great cinematic adventure! Congrats to everyone involved!
    Is there anyone here who would like to get their hands on a copy of this film?


    Jared Reply:

    Would love to get a copy!!!


    Aaron Reply:

    You can get a copy from some BitTorrent websites. I used Vuse on my Mac and was able to download it.


    Joe_Yoshi Reply:

    Absolutely! This looks amazing!


    Ashley Reply:

    I would love a copy of it too! You see, I wanted to see it but just looked it up today to see that Nintendo made them cancel the movie. Any chance I could get a copy off of you? ^-^’


  18. Lukas says:

    Hey guys, just wondering about your poster… I was wondering if I could maybe get a copy of it without the World Premiere or Register for a Screening for my “wall” 😉 . Even better, if it’s in .psd format, I have photoshop and wouldn’t mind adding a selection of pictures or something to the middle. It’s not going to go on the internet if I get it, I PROMISE. I just want it for personal use. Thanks so much, and GREAT job on the movie. The poster’s going to be a great touch to my “wall” ;).


  19. Danny says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that you guys are the coolest people on Earth. I’m looking forward to your next movie!!!


  20. pikachugirl2 says:

    This was an amazing movie, I saw it online. I was very impressed with all the effects, and there’s another movie I’d love for you guys to consider making…


    That would be amazing. With Daniel(the kid who played Link) as Ness, I’m sure the movie would be AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF. I’d love to see the way the effects worked out. While on a MUCH higher difficulty level to make(The effects, the characters, the plot, etc.) I’m sure you guys could pull something off.

    I’m a huge Zelda fan and that made my day. But I’m a die-hard Nintendo fangirl and I’d be thrilled if you made an Earthbound movie, or even just a movie for MOTHER 3. Any other movies would really make me happy.

    Although I’d throw myself off a cliff for a Pokemon movie(with ABSOLUTELY NO ASHxMISTY) I highly doubt that’s possible.


  21. Erik Plosila says:

    Hey, This was such an inspiring movie your team has produced. I find myself urging you all to create another project as soon as possible. The movie you have created from the all time favorite game of every old school gamer is just amazing. I would like to see your careers progress farther. I’ve been waiting for a Legend of Zelda movie for many years now. Seeing this just brought me back to the good days on Nintendo 64. I really have respect for you all. Can’t wait to see your next production. Love.


  22. Charlie says:

    Found your movie at a bootleg dvd shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A true work of art. We just wanted to let you know that people here are still enjoying it.
    Thank you!


  23. Jay Xmas says:

    wow just saw your movie the hero of time and i gotta say its a shame that nintendo wont let u guys bring it to dvd i loved every min of it and really thought u guys got it right…. i love the games and me and my girlfriend loved the movie… i hope u guys do another zelda movie cuz it was great


  24. EdwardBlackship says:

    I want to watch the movie again


  25. Videogamer555 says:

    I NEVER saw the movie EVER!

    I didn’t want to see it on Daily Motion, because like Youtube, Metacafe, Veoh, etc, all these online video sites do not have best quality videos. I wanted my FIRST time seeing it to have it be in SUPER GOOD QUALITY. Thus I was waiting for a high quality DIVX AVI file or ISO DVD disk imag or such to be released online (either through Rapidshare/Megaupload/Mediafire/etc, direct download at, or through bittorrent) of for it to be realeased on DVD and have it show up for sale at or at a Gamestop store entrance freebee givaway. But nothing came. I REFUSED to degrade my viewing experience by letting my first time viewing experience be on an online video viewing website. So I was waiting patiently, checking the site about once every 3 months (expecting updates to come slowly), and when I just checked today, I was HORRIFIED, and almost burst into tears crying when I saw the news. It is NO LONGER on Daily Motion, by requirement of Nintendo! OH CRAP I thought, that also means they’ll be required to stop ALL forms of distribution, including torrents, DVDs, Rapidshare, etc. I fear the worst, which is I may NEVER see it in my ENTIRE LIFE! I may die as an old man before I get to see it! OH #$%#$@%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone knows if I can get it legally? please email me where I can download the video file or purchase of the DVD from. My email address is:


  26. Bobby says:

    @ the movie makers:

    It was great. If you contact Nintendo again, I encourage you to get their permission and make the sequel, Majora’s Mask.

    @Videogamer555 *contact


  27. zeldamaster17 says:

    Hey folks! Um I’d like to say you’re movie put a smile on my face. I have been there from the BEFOGGING waiting for updates, however, my family did NOT get to see it, and now I’m mad at Nintendo. I do, however, hope to see the next movie. Another adventure, I most certainly hope, but keep it more simple. We don’t need a remake of Majora’s Mask, just something simple that doesn’t take 4 years. There’s a lot you could do with animation, because the computer editing done on this wasn’t all too great (considering who you are it was fantastic) and a more animated look would take out (I’m sure you complained on this) the real world interfering, like planes and such.


  28. Diana says:

    Hey. I just wanted to say that the preview was great. I visited this website in hopes pf watching the movie, but it was unavailable because i was doing this early in 2010. I’m not asking for a download of the movie. Just a tped storyline. Thank you.


  29. JJ says:

    majoras mask movie————–get rights from nintendo


  30. ALUCARD says:



  31. Jason says:

    There are no words as to the greatness of this film or any way to express total awe and gratitude that you brought such a great epic to life. I had to show it to ALL of my Zelda-fanatic friends and you’ve touched the hearts of many. May you be totally blessed in your next adventure!


  32. lord inuyasha says:

    Very good this one the movie congratulations, I wait continue with mas as the Majora’s Mask serious of luj, but gustaria to know if they have the subtitles to the Spanish or if they do not have them please do them and publish them that the Latin people wants to know her I leave my e-mail them in order that they order me information please it is thank you of before hand


  33. minato says:

    im need spanish subtitles im waith mosth time fot the moevie but im nedd spanish subs


  34. santiago says:

    please can make subtitles in Spanish? or publish in English to translate regions ….. it’s frustrating not to understand it well, but because it is a great job, congratulations


  35. Demonpriestxelloss says:

    The movie looks absolutely great and I’m so disapointed that I was a year too late to see it! D=


  36. noah says:

    wow its really to bad that nintendo had to delete the movie :( if you can i would like you to email me it i was counting on it to see the hero of time
    your awsome


  37. Sienna says:

    I’m upset to say that I didn’t hear about this movie until a year later! I wish there was some way for me to see it because I’m greatly intrigued by the snippets and trailers I’ve seen so far… =[


  38. Bernd says:

    Hmm, is there any chance for a second time streaming. like showing it again at christmas this year or so? :(


  39. kevin says:

    I am one of the many who did not get to see your film hero of time. Although i can understand what nintendo did, its a damn shame they did it. Hopefully they learned something from the fans (like how to make a good zelda movie). I saw all of the reviews and how everyone is raving about the film. If there is any way shape or form to still see it, please let me know at ur convienence. I know ur all busy and probably tired of being asked about hero of time, but u might have created one of the few if not only video game movie masterpieces ever. Thank you.


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