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  1. Donkey Kong says:

    The trailer looks great and i really want to see it

    But you need to change the actor for Link

    hes proplery a really good actor

    but the hair looks really fake and his look doesn’t match the charater link

    all the other actors look great and adam boyer makeup looks amazing


  2. The Top Hat says:

    Why does everyone except zelda have their mouth open? Are we going for a reverse Keira Knightley thing?


  3. Lucien says:

    Hi, for the first time I said “This should be Link?” But after watching the trailer I can’t wait to see more :) The Characters looks a little bit different, but Zelda is a very beautyful girl. I hope the whole thing is coming out soon. :)


  4. jay.lir says:

    Honestly the movie is going to suck. What happened to 10 year old link, zelda is supposed to be blonde, ganondorf is supposed to be a large menacing bloke…oh and they’re supposed to have pointy ears. and the creatures look like they were made by kindergarden students. It’s a movie, not a school play so the outfits need a full make over, what in the world happened to creativity. Overall its an insult to zelda fans…One thing I did like thought was some of the scenery its properly fitting. [dont be afraid to speak whats in ur mind!!!!!] Good luck by the way…


    Vincent Reply:

    Okay, I know your comment was posted 5 years ago, but that was beyond disrespectful. First of all, your comment was posted in 2008, long before the movie was even released. So you cannot judge. Secondly, you are aware that link became an adult at the second half of the game, right? Third, there was a lot of creativity and effort put into this film, and it was a very good movie. What did you expect from a fan made movie on a 10,000 dollar budget? Christopher nolan? How dare you say that its an insult to zelda fans? This was made by fans of the game, by heart. It was not an insult, it was a successful adaptation and it stayed true to the game. Stop nip picking at little things and watch the movie, please do not judge movies before they are even released. Unless you can do a better movie, shut up!


  5. Theodor says:

    Is this really true?! It seems weird…


  6. Metallic Magic says:

    I would just like to point out to everyone who is getting upset about the appearances of the characters in this film that the makers of the film stated themselves that they were not making it match up exactly to Ocarina of Time, and by leaving stupid complaints like “You need to change Link’s actor…”, you are only making yourself look ridiculous. Watch the updates on the site to hear it for yourselves.

    Can’t wait to see this film. Kudos to BMB for being the first to actually complete a Zelda movie. Bring it to Halifax, Nova Scotia!!


  7. BaltoMovie says:

    Will your sick and awesome movie be download-able on itunes

    and will it (the movie) be in theaters?????????????

    :S (confused face)

    .- .-.. … — – …. .- – –. .. .-. .-.. .– .. – …. – …. . .-. . -.. …. .- .. .-. .. … .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.– …. — – .. … … …. . … .. -. –. .-.. . ..–.. Decipher the code!


  8. Yamamura says:

    Glad to see this project hasn’t died and interested to see your interpretation of the Legend of Zelda. May I just say though that Gannondorf’s costume and makeup looked far superior compared to the IGN fake trailer. Everything looks pretty spifftacular, what with the new trailer and all ^^.

    I have to agree with Metallic Magic. Things like “Oh…this is gonna suck so bad” makes one sound rather asinine. If you’re so disappointed with said product, go and make your own film, spend hundreds of dollars out of pocket to rent/buy equipment, make costumes and such and then spend years on editing.

    Do a favour for all of us, and don’t say anything…

    *ahem* but on a more positive note…I’m just pretty excited to see it.


  9. Tonya Long says:

    Cool! I liked.


  10. Shan Kaiyou says:

    To David Blane: Your prep exercises in the third updates blog were FanFUCKINGtastic!! I”m really looking forward to seeing your complete performance. XD


  11. Kayla says:

    I would say, maybe having ears, possibly a better link/zelda. I know you guys are doing something that is different but I have seen that people are against having anything different for these 2 characters. I professionally play princess zelda and do shows/midnight showings. I know how people are. I do look identical to her and I actually know a guy who looks identical to link. Anyways, I do hope it turns out. I personally, a huge fan, kinda would not want to see it just because of the actors. But the video is good and you do have some good ideas.


  12. Jon says:

    I would like to say…if you think you can make a better movie, do it. Don’t complain about someone’s work not being your vision. I’m a fan of the series as well and yes things are different, but it’s not all meant to be the same. Either just sit back and enjoy what someone else is doing for you, or do it yourself. Bravo on the progress so far guys.


  13. Jess says:

    :D i cant wait!


  14. poe link123 says:


    OR DO I???

    YEA MII!!!!!!!!


  15. shewentapewire says:

    I’ve been following the updates to this movie since the casting call way back when. I’m super excited about this movie and would LOVE to see it get a screening in my hometown. The acting, the make-up, the costumes, the choreography, and the music all look and sound wonderful! I really do hope that you make the soundtrack for this movie available at the screening because I would certainly love to pick up a copy of it. Keep up the wonderful work and good luck to you all!


  16. ciano says:

    This movie is going to be ass. The special effects are unconvincing, the acting ranges from okay to terrible, the costumes look piecemeal, and I can not wait to see it. This movie is not going to be good. But the fact that it was made at all, despite all the limitations and challenges involved is a miracle, and the end product is far better than most other amateur film-makers could hope for. It’s going to be awful, and I have infinite respect for all of you at BMB for making it. It had to be done. Thank you for doing it. I hope it comes to my city, and I can not wait to own a copy.


  17. sukari says:

    Your actor for Ganondorf should have done the Leonidas diet to put some muscles on his frame. He looks too… skinny.

    Your actor for Link needed to dye his hair a more reddish color.

    Your actor for Zelda overacts every line in the trailer.

    That is all.


  18. Artemis-san says:

    Awesome Ganondorf!
    Link doesn’t have pointy ears though.


  19. Vazza says:

    I’m glad that the movie crew stated that this movie is their take on the Legend of Zelda games and mostly of the Ocarina of Time. I have some friends that are bigger Zelda nerds then I am…and one of them always complains that “But Link never emotes anything other than a yell or other high pitched noise.” But I have always that that it is stupid to think that Link can’t talk. I’m sure there is a reason for it but he obviously can understand what people are telling him. Maybe its because he’s been too embarrassed to talk since his Cartoon in the late 80′s early 90′s happened (although truth be told I own that series on DVD and am not afraid to admit it, my kids are going to get to watch all the great old cartoons that I did growing up, I’m ok with Spongebob Squarepants and a few other cartoons but some of them are just C-R-#-P! So I own many of my favorite old Saturday Morning Cartoons on dvd. Anyway back to point.

    I can’t wait to see this movie! I applaud your efforts and what some people complain about on here is just stupid. You guys did this with almost NO REAL BUDGET except for the money you guys had in your pocket (maybe a loan or two?) and it sounds like you got people who were as passionate about the games and characters as you guys were, sure maybe there were better people out there but they obviously didn’t care about it like you guys did. Congrats on a great job and who knows maybe even Mr. Miyamoto himself will see this movie someday and enjoy it (not slam you guys w/ a lawsuit or something.) I would think he would see the love put into it.
    can’t wait to see this!


  20. UnhealthyLove4Zelda says:

    Dang, Joel Musch, you are really putting it all out there for this movie. I mean, the visual effects must be killer enough, but you’re doing a lot more than just that. All of you guys are really going all out for this and I think that’s awesome. I can’t wait for the movie. David Blane, Hannah Fierman, Adam Boyer, Joel Musch, Karla Davis, George Powell, all you guys are so amazingly cool. Thanks for working so hard on this!


  21. joeluns says:

    this one goes out to all those who say that david doesnt have the look of Link,
    Link is a cartoon, an animated character, he doesnt have a human reference so you cant put it down to him not lookin that good as this is the first live action loz movie i dont get what your comparing his likability towards link to


  22. zack says:

    you needa young link for the begining


  23. mia says:

    When is this released?


  24. Chris b. says:

    Don’t listen to donkey kong keetp rockin the wig, the movies gonna be badass.


  25. Alan Heer says:

    Dude, you should come to Arkansas and play it in all the theaters. Also the schools would be a good place to screen it. Maybe Even BEFORE MY SENIOR YEAR ENDS. That would be GRANDIOSE.


  26. Q God says:


    I know how hard it is to make movies such as this i do the same with some mates of mine. But i am a huge zelda fan. The movie looks ok i guess it will be fun to watch once but it would not be an amazing movie but i know you put hard work into this to please us fans so thank you very much. but do something about links hair it looks really fake lol.


  27. tyler kennedy says:

    ya no offense guys. no offense to anyone, just the link should be different.


  28. tirus says:

    With such a small budget, I think the characters look great, your not going to have perfection of independent films. Also, over the years nintendo has CHANGED the appearance of their characters. Just look at impa! Originally and old crone-esk nursemaid, then purple garbed ninja!

    Also if you have played the games and are paying attention, there are MORE THEN ONE link over the history of Hyrule! So hair color can and does vary.

    When looking at this movie, just take in the spirit of the characters, not the actually appearance.

    And great job I am looking forward the end result.

    BTW look at the new promo video, link is wearing the wig of time. Probably just one of his awsome pieces of equipment ^^.


  29. Shae says:

    when are you going to release another trailer are you? or are you going to just bring out the movie?


  30. Hawkinz says:

    You guys should be extremely proud of yourselves for this achievement. I can’t even begin to fathom the sheer amount of time and energy that went into this. Planning, shooting, and staging every single cut that flashes by in a mere second on screen takes far more effort than people realize.

    You’ve tackled an overwhelmingly daunting project, and that alone is impressive. You guys rock! And I think Link looks adorably dashing, well suited for a brave hero. ^_^


  31. Black Swann says:

    I’ve been waiting for this movie since 2006 when i saw the trailer on youtube. It looks like those adventure/fantasy movies from 80′s, and from what i saw by trailer the movies seems to be promissing.
    I understand this is a fan made movie, and you should be congratulate for you efforts. Good or bad i know you did your best, so sure we are going to watch something made with care and joy.
    For those who says the film will suck, you always have the option to not watching it, which will be bad only for you, who will lose the chance of watching something made to fans by fans, not commercial movies trying to get your money like Strreet-Fighter movie or Dragonball, whih have no respect for the fans
    All i have to say is Thank you for not giving up and not making my waiting null.


  32. FiVeL Bee MouZ says:

    wow……..whats ReaLLy GoinG oN?!?!?!?!?!?
    iS tHis FoR ReaL?!?!?!?!?!? I GoT FrienDs tHat RuN a TheaTeR iN HoLLywooD, iF yoU DoN’T HaVe a SPoT HeRe iN LoS AnGeLes HiT mE uP….

    wE aLL waYs sHow GRiNDHouSe eVenTs tHeRe………aLoT oF PeoPLe sHow uP……


  33. JJ says:

    I live in Australia, how would it be possible for me to see the movie?


  34. Trollwood says:

    Eh, Donkey Kong, they have been making this movie for like 4 years, and now is the time to change Link actor? Use logic. dude.


  35. CLFS says:

    Can not wait ’till Hero of Time comes out on DVD so I can watch it repetively, as I’m a masive Zelda fan, But David Blane’s hair is way to light for Link and Hannah Fierman’s hair is sooooooooooooo the wrong colour to be Zelda, But Adam Boyer look perfect as Gonondorf, love his make-up. As I said MASIVE Zelda fan


  36. Jo says:

    Where is Links elven ears???? Please give David Blane a better hair cut. He looks like a cosplay Link. lol


  37. Jonathan says:

    hi everyboy! i saw the fake 120,000 dollars trailer from ign before yours. ign’s really sucks, and i don’t know where the actors learned to act but they’re zero; however, the costumes are great, except ganon’s beard who looks like a lumberman, but no one cares.
    bmb’s show us a great pleasure from the actors to play their characters, i really felt the story in my heart. bmb proves us that money is not the way to make a good movie, but only a good cast & crew can do it. congratulations, bmb, your zelda movie is on a good way. the only thing i can find bad is the way to walk of link, it’s really strange, like a crab…


  38. leyla says:

    I call troll!!


  39. panic8 says:

    If you already cast the Sequel:


  40. Katrina Link says:

    how do u register for this movie? its kinda difficult


  41. a person commenting on your site says:

    is the triforce in the preview REALLY sharpie pen as most of us see it that way? In one of the updates posted, a similar question about the sharpie triforce was asked…. but no official answer- so is the triforce REALLY a cheap sketch of ink? or is it something movies use that takes the appearance of sharpie? Please give us a yes or no rather than pity laughs :( we’re just curious


  42. Marcos A. says:

    i think you guys should come to brazil that will be like awesome and totally safe. zelda got THE concentration of fans in rio de janeiro and são paulo


  43. Chargeyman says:



  44. Lil Potts says:

    Well, I like the thought of this. But if anyone has seen the IGN one, it makes this thing look well, not so great. If this gets on the internet I will surely watch it, but it really stinks that IGN didn’t make the real thing.


  45. StellaaTerrra says:

    people were saying it was a joke for April fools, but I said No, no way! so i had to check it out and I knew it was real it had to be!


  46. person says:

    Well, it looks good and I might see it… but if it doesn’t have navi then it’s a ripoff.


  47. Petroni Luca says:

    wonderful….this movie is gonna rock….


  48. Stella Terrra says:

    You bet your butt it is Petroni Luca, I CAN’T WAIT!!!


  49. the legend master says:

    my brother (not a zelda fan) says that I will be disappointed on the 14th and that this isn’t an actual move I really hope h’s wrong


  50. Jonathan says:

    comon ppl dont diss the movie….at least these ppl made somthin……….i dont see any other zelda movie attempts….cant wait to see it on dec. 14th…….good or bad……..i give them props for the effort and devotion……..


  51. Joaquin Toledo says:

    ahhh and that would definately not help, so I guess 8-10 at 250-300 will have to do


  52. CassidyGrae says:

    Despite the protesting on the casting due to looks, I believe this movie looks like a success! I’m so excited to get home tomorrow to watch it. Ganons makeup looks amazing! I can’t wait! Finally someone made one!


  53. Mandi Mc. says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Huge Zelda fan. I know it isn’t the best movie in the world, but It still ROCKS!!! I found the link on so I must thank them for recommending you! I think that this movie is amazing because I know I would NEVER have the patience to sit around planning, designing, filming, acting, and editing like you guys did! MAD PROPS!!!

    Keep it up!!!


  54. Charlotte says:

    Um… What should I say… I think this is going to be one of those movies which are good to see once but never again. As a fanmade I think it’s awesome but it won’t, can’t, it’s impossible to beat the original game, and if there’d actually be an original movie it would crush this one your making.
    It’s great but not the type of movie to fall in love with.


  55. Joe Wallace says:

    Many people have said this movie will suck. Many have said it will be great. Many have SEEN it, and said both. The simple fact is, is that the people that put this together worked on it for FREE, and PAID to get things done out of their own pocket.
    Considering all of this, and personally knowing how much production costs in both pre and post, as I work in the industry, the cast and crew of the Hero of Time have done a FANTASTIC job. I’ve been following the progress for several years, and it’s good to see you have a final product, and you should all be proud of it.
    Too many people seem to want the game to be made into a movie. The only problem is that everyone’s idea of a good Zelda movie are all very different, just as everyone’s idea of a movie adaptation from a good book are completely different from person to person.
    Being 27 and having played every Zelda game to date, I have no problem whatsoever with your casting, and even applaud you for it. I care nothing for aesthetic “Look-alikes” as long as the actor embodies the character in mind. Your costumes are on a budget, obviously, but what you worked well with your themes. Your set’s are fantastic, though most were understandably keyed in. And for an amateur film your Effects were surprisingly very well done.
    The only reason people say you have a “bad” movie is either due to pure fan-boy-ism (which you can never win against, even a “real” as they put it movie would not do the game justice in their book), or they are comparing you to huge multi-million dollar productions, which only proves they know NOTHING of the difficulties and tribulations of film-making, which renders their comments to nothing but dribble.
    As simple research will tell, this movie hardly had that kind of budget.
    Again, congratulations, and be proud, because you have at least one more person who enjoyed your efforts.


  56. Emilio Magallanes says:

    i m in love with this movie thanks to all cast and director, who made this movie!!


    The hero of time it’s one of the best movies i have ever seen..

    who cares if zelda was blond, this is simply perfect!!

    Thanks to all of you who made this dream possible..!!


    You all are, the heroes of time!!



  57. kittoxy says:

    Esto apesta como umillan una historia como los es Zelda!!! miren esos efectos esos actores en donde Link parece un joven mariguanero quieren matar esa historia como lo isieron con dragon ball con su famosa pelicula “Dragon ball evolution”… porfavor amigos si hace una pelicula de zelda necesitan una calidad como el señor de los anillos dado que ZELDA se merece algo asi y no algo que me llega a dar verguenza… de muy buena onda lo dijo no maten algo asi como ZELDA porfavor no quiero defraudarme. quedence como un grupo de jovenes que como entretencion hacen un video a honor de zelda … PERO por lo que vi no una peliculaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. y le ponen the ero of time bueno = es the legend of Zelda


  58. Mario Mario says:

    I found a great torrent of the movie on Piratebay. Works perfectly.



  59. Casey says:

    I think you guys did a better job than most fan made movies out there. but if a big name director who likes the games saw this movie he’d probably get inspired and create an even better movie. But it was pretty awesome, and i loved the renaissance fair you set it in as the castle town lol.


  60. razmar says:

    I gotta say I found some of the acting a little off, and the fight scenes quite cheesy, but other then that for a low budget film I was quite impressed. Especially by the effects and most of the scenery put into this movie.

    Good Job


  61. Ruark says:

    I saw the movie on, and thought it would be ok–even though the trailer looked dumb and amateurish! My point is… the movie was amateur, but they did there best! I think the graphics were good, but they acting was kind of bad! I don’t consider this a great movie, but I do have favorite parts. I loved the part at the gift shop, “Oh look, you won a bow” (then he plays the pan flute)! LOL!!! That part was so funny. And Adam Boyer wasn’t a bad actor! Princess Zelda was hot (Hannah Fierman)! So, as long as the ratings stay high–I guess it’s ok!
    I rate it 3-4 stars!!!


  62. C. S. Cooper says:

    I was extremely impressed by the effort you put in. However if I may be bold enough to offer the actors a piece of advice: I’m a speech & drama teacher, and i sensed that you tended to mince your words and it was difficult to understand what was being said. Take a public speaking class (not an acting one – you all created believable characters) in order to better deliver your lines.

    One thing I was disappointed with was Zelda. She was really ineffectual which is not how I would have envisioned her. However, I just don’t like damsels in distress anyway. I would have thought her to be a far stronger character than what I saw.

    Anyway, it was a very good effort, and I look forward to your next production.


  63. Logan says:

    This movie rocks. It’s one on those movies where I appreciate it when I’m done watching it and all I can say is: I will enjoy watching thins-over and over again. Here’s my opinion: I don’t think the acting is bad, sometimes they kinda overdo it with the accents but I actually liked Link.


  64. jayson says:

    I really wanted to see this movie.
    Then I found out what happened with it and nintendo.
    “SH*T!” I said. Then, “AHAH! I shall torrent it!”
    I watched it. At parts it looked very good, and at parts it looked low budget. I dont really care, it was the STORY that made me happy. I almost cried when Link had to leave Saria, and Zelda screaming for Link’s help at the end was bone chilling, very believable. Then Link dying, that was depressing, then BOOM Back to the past, running to Zelda, and it ended almost exactly like Ocarina of Time.

    Good Job BMB.
    You can make another Legend of Zelda movie.
    Just rename the characters. kinds of people need to be renamed. Goron, Hylian, must be renames.

    You can keep to the storyline of Zelda, and change everything else, and you SHOULDNT be attacked by nintendo


  65. hylianlink23 says:

    no mamen yo soy super fan de zelda esta pelicula para mi es una burla, digo si el fan que tuvo la idea de hacerla alomenos hubiera jugado el juego le habria quedado mejor.Primero la master sword ni se parese luego el actor que interpreto a link parese tonto, con este tipo de peliculas ponen en mal a los una porqueria


  66. Original_Link says:

    im downloading the movie now, i’v played every zelda game even the old nes ones. as a verry straight up person what i’ve already seen of the film was awsome, and for every one fussin about links hair, he was blondé in both of the N64 games.


  67. Jack T says:

    I watched about 10 minutes of it, until I let this one simple fact kill my Zelda spirit……. LINK DOES NOT ( AND THEREFORE SHOULD NOT) TALK!!! As far as the other characters, all of them did talk, but Link didn’t. Period.

    I love Zelda. Been a fan since I was a sperm, but that’s where I draw the line.

    Awaiting your hate mail,

    Jack T


  68. tao says:

    well i thought it was ok better then hollywood have made it but meh


  69. Nicholas A says:

    I’ve noticed that the site hasn’t been updated in almost a year. Are the other projects still happening, or have you given up on them?


  70. Usagi says:

    I really liked Adams Acting! ^.^ -fangirl-
    But Links wig D:> oh lawd.
    I got over the no Hyrulian trademark ears, but the wig was killing me xD
    Other than that this film was more than I expected, and the filming was intense!! I wish you guys still existed, but it seems you have dropped off the face of the earth…


  71. Zeldafan144 says:

    I watched it on youtube. I love it! My friend and I watched it at his house, and he liked it too. It’s better than the other fan made Zelda movie I saw, MUCH better! I like Zelda more than anything, and this makes me like it that much more! (Spoiler, Link cuts off a guards head at the end!)


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