Hey everyone!

Thanks again and always for all your encouragement and support of The Hero of Time! We can’t imagine ever having another fan-base as cool and fun as you all! We were really excited to be able to meet so many of you and we were so delighted to receive so many of your emails, reviews and messages! We’re certain that most of the enthusiasm we’ve noticed probably comes from your and our mutual zeal for Zelda and we hope since we’ve established such a super camaraderie already that you will gladly venture with us into our next projects! : )

We are currently working on a new project and hope that you all will be just as enthusiastic about this one! We aren’t naive enough to set a release date just yet, but status updates are on the way! In the meantime if any of you filmmakers and graphic designers out there are interested in post-production, we could use your help! We are specifically looking for a 3D model/animator, and someone with plenty of experience in After Effects. If you’re interested in helping out on our next epic adventure, email us HERE!

We hope to be posting a video of our LA screening footage soon. We held off on it for so long because we didn’t have any updates to go along with it. Maybe our update will be that there are no updates with The Hero of Time whatsoever! : )
Check back soon for the LA screening video!

Thanks again, everybody!

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Awesome! I really enjoyed The Hero of Time and I can’t wait to see what you guys are working on now!


  2. George R. Powell says:

    Yes, I’m excited about it as well. Yet another fun opportunity to work with Joel and the team. =)


  3. John Stratman says:

    Awesome! What’s it called?


    admin Reply:

    it actually doesnt have a name yet. Stay tuned for updates! : D


  4. Joshua D says:

    I have no idea how you’re going to follow up with The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time. It was too amazing considering how non-exsistant the budget was for that movie. I was sad that Nintendo shut it down. :(

    I’m curious to what you are doing now, and I hope a name for the project will be announced soon.


  5. Z-MAN7 says:


    Best of luck to ya David and to the other guys. The Atlanta HoT premiere will be one of my most cherished memories.


  6. Rangda says:

    If it’s not another Zelda movie, I’m not interested.


    corey Reply:

    hey even if it’s not zelda it could still be a good movie, what if it’s a mario movie. hollywood failed at mario because they don’t know what nintendo fans want, but what if real fans made one?


    Rangda Reply:

    It probably won’t be based on a video game (especially any by Nintendo) after what happened with Nintendo telling them not to show Hero of Time anymore.

    I’m not interested in many things, so if it’s some original thing, I don’t want to watch it.


    corey Reply:

    ya i know, just giving an example

  7. pikachugirl2 says:

    *crosses fingers* PLEASE be MOTHER 3…PLEASE be MOTHER 3…PLEEEEEEEEASE be MOTHER 3….!!!

    Heck, I’d be just as thrilled with Earthbound or MOTHER. But I’m prepared to get on my knees and beg for a fanmovie of any of the three.

    I don’t think it’s another Zelda, but I looked at the pictures from the shooting…It’s hard to really tell at all, but…I really hope MOTHER 3!!!

    Anyway, I just saw Eddie Lebron’s fanfilm “Megaman”(it’s on his website,, in case The Hero Of Time directors and such want to see what I’m getting at), and it was amazing. And then I got thinking: what if they did a movie together? Think about it. This movie had amazing actors and music. That movie had amazing costumes and effects(not to say that either was better, but they did have their strong points).

    And I was thinking…maybe they could team up and do a movie together. Just this once. In fact…my mind immediately went in the direction of a little something called “Metroid”…


  8. Brainanac says:

    I can’t wait to see what the next movie will be. Are you going to post a link to the movie’s website if there’s going to be one?


  9. Sarah says:

    Wish I got the chance to see The Hero of Time. :(
    Um, my brother’s in the AI for Acting and directing, straight A student, already directing short films and is only half way through. Of course he’s in FL
    Just kinda tossing it out there, and asking for tips for him? ^^


    megaflop Reply:

    You can still watch the movie. Just search the forums a bit, i’m sure there’s a link somewhere.


    corey Reply:

    theres torrents all over the internet, nintendo may have taken the movie off the main sites but the movie will always live on, you just have to search harder 😀


  10. Jay Dial says:

    Hero of Time was amazing! I think Nintendo should let u keep it up!!! Ur not making a profit!!!


  11. Daniel says:

    If it’s another nintendo movie, please don’t let them shut you down this time!!!


  12. die hard zelda fan says:

    hey everyone. for all of those zelda fans who werent able to see the movie (such as myself) i have good news. i found a link with the movie still on it. it isnt the best quality but its worth a look. the entire movie is there. no downloads or anything. =)


  13. hi2tai says:

    Hey BMB finishes I saw your zelda movie and it was awesome, But if you want to made a better movie that will not be a copyright of a game or get forced of the internet.


  14. Leon J. Fletcher says:

    Any more news on your new project? or is there now a new website we can go to?


  15. corey says:

    i made a tribute video for the hero of time if anyone wants to see it. i think bmb might like it


  16. Joei Roach says:

    i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Fredrik Bryhn says:

    When will there be hints? Dates of interest? Thread has been down quite a while! :p The hero of time ruled! Wish I had the -time- to accomplish something like that! Dying to see what you guys are cooking up!

    Your Norwegian Viking xD


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