The Hero of Time Now Available!!! (Update 12-22-09)

Hey everyone, we will not be releasing the DVD files for download at this time; but you can still head over to to watch the film online! So sorry for the inconvenience.

film pic

The time has finally arrived! Get some popcorn and break out your Triforce Sharpies — The Hero of Time is now available to watch on!!! So head on over to — rate, comment, share with your friends and enjoy!  Also, you can head over to the Epic Music page and check out the all original score to The Hero of Time composed by George R. Powell.  Thank you all so much for your encouragement and patience!

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  1. Good_no_Bakes says:

    NOOOOO!!! when will the DVD be Released!?
    oh, and what happened?


  2. Picool says:

    Do you have a future date about the release of the file ? Or you’ll not release them anymore ?

    Thanks !


  3. Elienkae says:

    Aww…..not fair! Please, release it before Christmas, I might succumb soon and watch it online!


  4. Wolf says:

    No DVD!? Will there ever be one!? This is horrible news!


  5. ThisIsntMe says:

    this isnt fair!! i waited for a long time to have the dvd file of this movie where i can download it & i was going to give it to my mom as a christmas present!! ): whats wrong with the file? [if there is something wrong, that is] why cant yall release it… i need answers!

    + when WILL it be released?!


  6. sgmaniac1255 says:

    oh well, ill be patient, (even though i dont want to be) ive already seen the movie, but i was hopping to be able to play it on the big screen TV we have in the Living room, and my surround sound (when i get it). i just hope that it does come out.


  7. nero says:

    that sux i have waited for the download i guess i`ll download it on a torrent site where i found the movie


  8. Bern says:

    This isnt fair. You said the 21st.


  9. Z-MAN7 says:

    That’s just great, I was going to make several DVDs of the movie and pass them out as Christmas gifts. Could you a least give us a reason why you are withholding the files or give us a reliable release date?


  10. Fuzzzmannn says:

    Ah, well, take your time. :) It was a great movie. I can wait.


  11. cleito says:

    Why are you people demanding that they give you a free DVD?
    They worked hard to give us a free movie, so be patient and wait.
    I want the DVD too, but it is not right to demand that.
    Go and watch it online again.
    Thank you for the movie.
    will be some cut scenes on the DVD?


  12. Yaminohana says:

    When the movie will be avalaible to download on DVD?


  13. FinnishBoy85 says:

    Sad news for sure, but I suppose there’s nothing we can do about it.


  14. Leon J. Fletcher (triforceguy1) says:

    @ Bern

    They aren’t liars, they didn’t intend to delay the release, you just can’t help with technology, things always go wrong.


  15. Shades X. says:

    I already have a copy of the movie on my hard drive. I downloaded it from dailymotion when the view count was only at 5000. Not nearly DVD quality, but it is something.


  16. BenAllen52 says:

    *sigh* Was planning to show this at a party on DVD, guess I’ll have to work DailyMotion up to the TV.

    Unless you release the files before Jan 3rd that is.

    Any reason why this was withheld? Copyright reasons maybe?


  17. lovebag says:

    love you i want a free dvd


  18. anthony says:

    @Shades X: That’s what I did too, I downloaded it to put on my video mp3 player, still have to buy a memory card though.
    @ The movie Producers: That breaks my heart, fixes it, and then breaks it again, to hear that news. Oh well, I can wait.


  19. Bern says:

    December 30 and still no download :( i was planning to show this at my new years party.

    I still havent watched it because i wanna show it on my big screen…


  20. The Hero of Time Now Available! | David Blanes Blog says:

    […] […]

  21. CKSpawn says:

    When will the download be released
    and it would have been better if you showed more of the boss battles
    and you killed off gannondorf what about part 2 or even 3
    I was impressed atfirst but after the first temple you skiped all the good stuff you atleast could have done this
    (as gannon lies deffenceless with his sword broken in 2 by the master jumps in the air and stabs gannon in the belly as Zelkda shoots her holy arrow into his crystal on his forehead (Gannon slowly pixleates into another dimention)and the sky clears with only the eco of gannons last yell of pain is heard.the end.)
    and pixelating a real picture is easy you can even do that in an AMV,Anime Music Video


  22. Fabian Massella says:

    I have been coming your site for quite some time now. I adore your writing style and you provide beneficial info. Always keep up the good work!


  23. The Duke says:

    I’m just about to view this movie, being as I personally own ALL of the Zelda Games and Manga, and all I can say is;

    Thank god for torrents. 😛


  24. Ian says:

    Wow, how come I can’t even watch the stream? It says it is 403 forbidden…


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