Worldwide Public Release Announcement — Dec 14th!!!

Hey everyone! Great seeing all you guys from out west at the screening! The theatre told us that you all were one of the better crowds that they’ve had and it was a blast to host the event! Zelda fans rule! Pictures and video of the screening coming soon!

As we announced at the screening, we will be releasing the film through our official partnership with on Monday December 14th! We are really excited about this! The film will be in High Quality, and in one piece!

Also, for those of you that can’t huddle around a computer with all your friends to watch the film, on December 21st we will be releasing a DVD file to download with instructions on a three step process to make your own DVD of the film!  Free movie for everyone!!!

Even though the film is being released online, the screenings arent necessarily over. They’re getting pretty expensive for us to host, so if you would like to put together an event, contact us at and we’d love to see how we could help. Thanks again for your support!

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  1. Chrisse says:

    Christmas is coming early this year! Wohoo! Thank you so much, guys!


  2. Z-MAN7 says:

    YES! You guys are too awesome, I’ve been waiting for this to be released online ever since I’ve seen the movie at the Atlanta premiere. The DVD file I will defiantly get so I can just sit back and pop the movie in my dvd player when ever I want.

    Hero of Time Forever…


  3. Good_no_Bakes says:

    WOOOOT!!! It’s Time for THe HERO OF TIME! :D!!!


  4. Rhealm says:

    Omai… Finally! I’ve been waiting years for this movie, and unless there’s a showing in Seattle or Portland, I won’t be able to attend one… I’m very excited for the online video, as well as the DVD! I think I’ll have to make a few copies of the DVD to give out as Christmas presents… Heheheh… LoZ FOREVER!!!

    LONG LIVE THE HERO OF TIME! [insert Triforce here] :3


  5. Elienkae says:

    I dancing a jig in front of my computer just so you know!! Yes! Thank you for the Christmas present! You are all amazing!


  6. tevo2904 says:

    AWESOME!! I’m brazilian, and me and other people on the community Zelda in orkut that I participate are really ansious about this movie! Many of them said the movie was a lie, but I told them I trusted in the movie! I’ve been waiting for it since last year, when there was no official site for the movie yet! I loved the trailers and I’m expecting really well about this movie!! THANKS a lot! I’ll be downloading the movie and the DVD file either. Anyway, I have a suggestion for you guys: now that the movie is been released worldwidely, you could publish a document with the text with all the speakings of the movie in english, to make it easier for people to subtitle the movie in their own language! Thanks a lot!


  7. UnhealthyLoveForZelda says:

    “…on December 21st we will be releasing a DVD file to download with instructions on a three step process to make your own DVD of the film! Free movie for everyone!!!”
    … :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! YYEEEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And in time for Christmas!!!! YESSSSS!!!! You have made my day… no, you have made the whole rest of the year for me! :D!!!
    Thanks to you guys, my Christmas is gonna rock somethin heavy! YEA! (Long live Zelda!!!)
    Thanks again HoT team for all your hard work. You’re all officially my favs in the world of Zelda, hands down. ^_^


  8. Miiguel1UP says:

    The movie will have subtitles in Spanish?
    Because I’m from mexico


  9. Viridis Crystallis says:

    Oh. Yes. This is awesome, I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. Thanks guys, you rock!


  10. LycoRogue says:

    OK, so I’ve been working LOOOONG hours at work and this was the first time I wasn’t too exhausted to turn on my computer. What a treat! This whole thing is wrapped in Win! First: The release date! Awesome! It will be the perfect birthday/christmas present for my fiance! I am totally going all out with the DVD download man! I might download enough to give all my friends copies ^_^
    Second Win: The two that cosplayed as Sheik and Link for the LA screening! PLEASE tell me you guys interviewed them for the video you’ll later post! Awesomeness to them! *pouts* makes my shirt-signing seem lame, but they’re awesomeness anyway! ^_^

    LOVES to BMB!


  11. Kisara says:



  12. paul arcus says:

    Hi guy’s excellent news on the release of the DVD me and my son can’t (but have to) wait to see this, no Australian screenings hey.
    any way i’d just like to say thank you in advance and we anxiously await
    December 21st.
    the hero of time, is a hero of mine
    great work and all the best ——- paul & steven . aka Link

    oh yeh and if you’s require a donation i’d be only to happy to ablige
    cheers mates


  13. Josiah says:

    I’m pretty excited for the free public release! I really had wanted to see it when I’d first heard about it, and now I’m glad to hear It’ll be online to view, AND a DVD copy will be available for burning!


  14. jonathan says:

    christmas come early so ur freakin awesome!


  15. YOu are coming so close to saratoga springs says:

    Finally it has been a series of long years I have waited. Thank you for what you guys do. Make a sequal. I hope someone picks this up and makes you guys alot of money real soon. Thank you again for such a great gift.


  16. Jay says:

    Where can we find the DVD file when it’s time? here? thnx


  17. Artemisia says:

    Yeeeeeaaaah! Great – I can get the hero of time on DVD and watch it whenever I want!!!! Thank you so much guys!!!
    This christmas is gonna soooo good – I´m sooooo haaaappppy!!!


  18. artemisia says:

    Great – I can watch The Hero of Time soon! That will be a great Christmas this year. You all are sooooo great guys – the Trailers, the soundtrack everthing is amazing!!!! :-) The Hero of Time Rules!!


  19. Nanovor says:

    AWESOME! I have been waiting for this to be released. Looking forward to it, especially burning it to DVD.


  20. gamergirl says:

    Yay! i’ve been waiting for this forever! now it’s coming out 4 days after my 16th birthday!!! Anyways…. Great work on the movie people! i can already tell that it’s gonna be great!


  21. gamergirl says:

    Why do they all say november 16? it’s like, december 6th!


  22. says:

    the movie should be fun for all the people who really enjoyed the game and spent hours with it everyday


  23. Leon J. Fletcher (triforceguy1) says:

    Yay, I’m a bit disappointed I wasn’t able to attend any of the screenings but none the less, I’ll still be able to see it in the comfort of my living room (unfortunately the birds are always noisy when I’m watching TV). If the DVD was released in stores I would definitely buy it, no matter how much it cost.

    Leon J. Fletcher


  24. Sverei says:

    Great, now me and my younger siblings have something to watch in christmas, we’re all big fans of the zelda series and you guys rock!!


  25. mifuchan says:

    Yay! I’ve been following this movies since I first saw the trailer almost 2 years ago. I am so glad it has come this far and cannot wait until tomorrow for the release on the web! It looks really interesting and I can’t wait to see the entire thing!


  26. Franco says:

    I just love your attitude – there isn’t a Legend of Zelda film, everyone who’s played the game wants one so you just went ahead and made it!!! Fantastic! The whole family is watching this tonight, I’m linking my laptop up to a big screen – we’re ALL Zelda fans! Thanks so much for sharing all your hard work, you will be legends!


  27. mymments says:

    Legend of Neil is hilarious. I think I read somewhere that the guy who plays Zaboo from The Guild is the writerproducer. Both are great series!


  28. kyle says:

    hmmm… December 21 now… No free download atm.


  29. thelegendmaster says:

    it is the 21st! why isn’t the movie download up!!!!!! PUT IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. paul says:

    Ohhh I disagree, I think this will be brilliant in the most awful of ways.


  31. pepito3000 says:

    good movie, really is good. ok guys i have a question
    can you upload the subtitles?, on english or spanish because i really dont understand the speaked english, please, i want the subtitles, ive watched the movie and is good, but i only understand the third part of all, please upload the subtitles


  32. oli says:

    good movie, i really liked it, but i’m kind of sad with the detail that link wasn’t left-handed in the movie

    in all games link always been left-handed, it would be a detail to look after

    if there’s once a ‘real’ movie i hope link will be left-handed

    great job!


  33. Bobby says:

    Why in HELL would Nintendo bitch at these people for promoting their game for FREE?!?!? We should be the ones demanding a movie from THEM.

    @Oli I will soon try to work on one based on Link’s Awakening, and I will learn to fight left handedly. Just for you. And everyone else.


  34. Min Savaglio says:

    Very interesting point of view. I will pay more visits to your blog very soon.


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