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Hey Everyone!

We are excited to announce that The Hero of Time will be screened in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 14th at the James Bridges Theatre (UCLA) at 7:00PM!  We’d love to meet all of you from the west coast and hear what you think of the film! Mark your calendars! Also, for additional incentive purposes, we will be making a HUGE announcement about the worldwide online release date for The Hero of Time at the Los Angeles screening! So don’t miss it!

With that said, to give us a good idea how many people to expect and to know if we need to add another showtime, please register below if you do plan on attending the Los Angeles screening! If you do this, we will send you a confirmation email to print and bring to the theater to help you get in before the general public, although this will not be your actual ticket… its more like a VIP certificate : )

Also, Join the Facebook LA SCREENING EVENT and let us know if you are coming!

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to meeting you on the 14th!

You can also add us on and  to get our more frequent updates!

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  1. George R. Powell says:

    lol That damn crow had to have his 5 seconds of fame during my video. =p


  2. Cleito says:

    Thank you guys for remembered that there is a lot of people “ONLINE” waiting to see the movie.
    Hope that the release date worldwide online be soon.


  3. CDi-Hater says:


    Finally you’re comin’ to the west coast!

    I will be attending this for sure.

    Will it be frowned upon if we cosplay to this event?

    Thanks again & see ya on the 14th!


    admin Reply:

    definitely not frowned upon; encouraged rather!


  4. kisara says:

    Hey, I’m trying to register, but whenever I put my info in and press the send email button, it brings me to a page to register for a website. It does the same for my brother.

    my email is jenla_nehar@hotmail.com and I’d like to register


  5. Leon J. Fletcher says:


    I was wondering if this is the last screening and if not, will you be screening it in the UK?



  6. UnhealthyLoveForZelda says:

    “… we will be making a HUGE announcement about the worldwide online release date …”
    Aww! I can’t make it to Los Angeles to hear that! … ok, somebody that does go NEEDS to tell me, I’m dying to know, lol! … or you guys could be totally cool like I know you are and you could email that “HUGE” announcement to me? (hey, gotta give a guy credit for trying)

    Also, I REALLY hope you guys are going to make it so all of us can get the movie in HIGH QUALITY when it goes online. Please, no crappy YouTube!! When it all comes down to it, I just have to see the movie in all its glory, with great sound and a nice high res picture! Being able to have the vid on a DVD would also be amazing. I at least hope that I will be able to download it (as opposed to only being able to watch it online, blah) so I can burn it onto a DVD.

    Oh, and tight shades guys, ha ha. ^_^


  7. bianca says:

    Spanish: espero que pronto la pelicula de legend of zelda sea vista en todos los cines del mundo, soy una fanatica del juego de zelda, gracias.
    English:I hope that soon the movie legend of zelda is viewed in all cinemas around the world, i am a fanatica of the game of zelda, thanks.


  8. Viridis Crystallis says:

    I’m exited about the release date, though I hope this doesn’t mean that this is the last screening. Also, If you guys are able to release it on DVD, I’d definitely buy it.


  9. Myles Johnson says:

    I am very excited to go like, crazy can’t wait!!!


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  11. Dr.Link10 says:

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  12. Quiero Adelgazar says:

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