L.A. Premiere Update! (NOV 14th)— New Event Page and New Special Trailer!

Hey Everyone!

We can’t wait to show you all from the west coast The Hero of Time (NOV 14th)! (SCREENING DETAILS) The screening is going to be a lot of fun, and to make it fun for everyone around the globe, we have a new trailer to help promote the screening with original music by George R. Powell, a new page on The Hero of Time website where you can get flyers to pass out about the screening, in addition to the movie poster, info on the L.A. screening, and more! (Also, we are announcing a second showtime on the 14th — 9:30PM!!!)



Also, to give us a good idea how many people to expect, please register below if you do plan on attending the Los Angeles screening! If you do this, we will send you a confirmation email to print and bring to the theater to help you get in before the general public, although this will not be your actual ticket… its more like a VIP certificate : )

Please register below ONLY if you ARE planning on coming to the Los Angeles screening:

(Note: Each individual must have a unique name and email. Also, some people have reported receiving blank confirmation emails. If this happens to you, send us your name and email at info@theherooftime.com to get your confirmation)


Script by Dagon Design

For SPECIAL announcements and last minute DETAILS about the L.A. screening, join our event page on Facebook.

If you’re from L.A. and want to help the HoT Team, let us know

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the screening in L.A. on the 14th!

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  1. Aizen90 says:

    Extremely awesome & exciting trailer guys, could you put up a high quality version of the trailer for download? Thanks.


  2. Kim says:

    I’m so excited the film is finally having a debut!! I’ve really been looking forward to seeing the movie! I just wish I could go to the big event. I’m from Vancouver Canada, so I hope that the film makes it’s way here soon!!!!!!


  3. CDi-Hater says:


    Can’t wait to see you guys, & the movie.

    Can we stick around for both showings? or 1 showing per person

    2 days away!!


  4. Elienkae says:



  5. Gyaretto says:

    please dear god release the online release date already! (you said it would be today.) although it’s come to my attention that you’re announcing it in LA, and i’m on the east coast… so perhaps i must wait til the wee early morning hours. I WILL WAIT! i’ve waited for 5 frikin years, i can wait a few more hours!


  6. CDi-Hater says:

    Just came home from the LA showing… EPIC!

    I was the 1st one there w/ Shiek (the guy in the red sweatshirt)

    To all those people wanting a release date, YES they did reveal what it was last night.

    It will be released on ## / ## / 2###

    I’ll let them make the announcement 1st =]


  7. George R. Powell says:

    The release date will be December 14th. It has been officially brought out into the open. I’m sure they will be posting an official update later, but for now, details can be found here:



  8. Elly says:

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