To New York and Beyond Germany! Plus New Soundtrack Download!

Hey everyone! Our first European screening will be sooner than we thought!

Following our New York City screening on Saturday, September 12th at Tribeca Cinemas, The Hero of Time will be screened at the Connichi Convention in Kassel, Germany on Friday, September 18th! Please visit the Connichi website for more information.

Germany is one of our top requested European HoT spots, so if you live in or around Germany, this is your chance to see the film on the big screen before the public release! Although the producers and actors in the film will most likely not attend, our friends hosting the convention will make sure all supporters of the film feel welcome. We’d really love to hear your feedback after the screening, so be sure to comment on the forum or shoot us an email with your thoughts!

Download the soundtrack!

We want to share more of the film with everyone before the public release, so we are going to be releasing tracks from The Hero of Time soundtrack! We will be releasing the full tracks from the Soundtrack Montage starting with “Music Box“. We are also adding a tab on the website for more information and track downloads. If you dig George R. Powell’s inspired work on the The Hero of Time, be sure to check out his website.

Be sure to check back on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more track releases in the weeks to come! We’ll be releasing selected tracks from the 26 piece score every few weeks. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to register below if you plan on attending the New York screening this Saturday – September 12th!

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  1. The Hero of Time goes to Germany!! AND, first full length original track released!! | David Blanes Blog says:

    […] […]

  2. Makorus says:

    Yeah! Great news that HoT will come to Germany! I’m really excited!


  3. BoBiinsky says:

    Wow U are traveling a lot xD
    You just need come to mexico lol
    but that is a great news

    Thanks 4 U Time
    Noseemos Later


  4. Lenn says:

    Will it be in Berlin? Will it be in Berlin? PLEASE LET IT BE IN BERLIN!!!


  5. Chrisse says:

    I’m so excited that the movie is coming to Germany! Unfortunately, it’s being screened as part of the con, so I probably won’t be able to get any tickets anymore, but still, it’s great for everyone who’s attending the con anyway.


  6. Motrix says:

    @Chrisse, you can get a Ticket for the con on Friday. It will be some tickets on the “Dayfund”. So you have a good chance to see it :)

    @Lenn, it will be in “Kassel” this weekend


  7. derula says:

    Argh… you…

    I hate you. I just read you’re coming to Germany, but Kassel is a lot more than 75 minutes away from here -.-

    Announce it in your YouTube channel next time please!!

    (Of course, I don’t hate you really, it’s more like the opposite.)


  8. Hihana says:


    just returned from the convention in Kassel. It was seriously awesome that you decided to allow a screening there.
    I loved the movie.. the music was great, the locations, the setting, the acting and I was positively surprised to see “real” blood being shown.
    I will probably post a more indepth review once I had a nice dose of sleep and a hectic day at my university.


  9. Motrix says:


    so i will write you a email later with all informations. I wills end you, your DVD back and also will send you some nice “Conbags” to you.
    I was very suprised about the Movie. I love your Video and the Room was more than full, many people must stand on the wall to see it. So i think the people liked it.

    Also there was some “Cosplayer” that only cosplayed Zelda for this Movie. (I talked to them after the Movie). I will send you all what you need :)

    IT WAS GREAT!!!!!


  10. SPKuja says:

    What about us poor Britts :'( Really looking forward to the public release though, the film looks awesome!


  11. John Hansen says:

    Why don’t you post it on the net so everyone can see it, I’m tired of trailers.


  12. CDi-Hater says:

    Come to LA!!! We had the #1 spot for a while.

    LA would attract hundreds!!


  13. cleito says:

    Today is oct-10-2009,
    when will the movie be released to the fans in the internet?
    You guys could at least post a “10 minute” part of the beginning of the movie so we can have a little taste.


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