Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the World Premiere here in Atlanta! We were astonished to hear the great many miles many of you traveled to attend. It meant a lot to us. We had a fantastic turn out for both screenings, and had a rather encouraging response from the attendees! If you missed the event, don’t fret! Cause A.) you can watch the event video, and it will be just as though you were there; and B.) you still can sign your city up for a HoT SPOT!

A great many of you have been asking if the film will be released online or on DVD at this time. We plan on it, but not quite yet. We want to hold at least a few more screenings in a couple cities and festivals first, so at least some of you have the chance to see it on the big screen! (Sign up here)

Because of the feedback and turnout during our world premiere in Atlanta we became very confident about the HoT SPOTS idea, and are more excited than ever to bring the film to your city! The only problem is that we still need a lot more people to sign up. So, start spreading the word to friends in your city! We could use your support! If you are interested in helping,

you can:

Post the trailer anywhere online and put the poster anywhere! Online, at your school, or on your local billboard!

Send us recommendations of websites to get in touch with! (

Volunteer to showcase The Hero of Time material on your website!

Thanks again, and remember, you can register for a screening in a city near you on our HoT SPOTS page.

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  1. setu_firestorm says:

    Oh, without a doubt the Premiere was extraordinary! I, too, was highly encouraged by how well received the film was by the audience.

    Keep rockin’ on, and rock the pants off of a few more cities!! =)


  2. Tamias says:

    The audience seemed thrilled with the film. I cannot wait to see it for myself. If you guys come to Phoenix, I’ll say hi xD Also! Do you give out autographs?


  3. RyanH says:

    Whoa. I wish I could have made it to the premier! Too bad I can’t drive 😛 After seeing this video and all of the great comments on the film I can’t wait till it comes out.


  4. Dainty-Doll says:

    Wow , Glad to see the premiere went amazingly.
    A shame it won’t be getting a screening down here in the UK, but I’m still very excited to see it online ( or DVD ) Soon ^^


  5. It's har to eat a pie in 19 secs flat but i did says:

    Baw I want to this so terribly. Curse my geographical location!


  6. Cleito says:

    Where and when will be the next screening?


  7. luigisf says:

    A dvd? Yes that would be amazing, but, Blu-ray anyone?


  8. soulfirebang says:

    Jeez! this just makes me more excited! To bad Idaho isn’t getting to much HoT Spot activity… Darn non-drivable me! Guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD TT_TT


  9. cleito says:

    Where is everybody? No more news about the movie, nothing about the next screening, nothing of nothing, is it the end?
    I want to see the movie, even if I have to buy the DVD.
    Please, somebody DO SOMETHING!!! (or say something!)


  10. specialops787 says:

    Don’t worry. It’ll just be another four years. Its worth it.


  11. ElfKitty says:

    CONRATS you guys it looks like everything came out well in the end! (And a die-hard Zelda fan’s approval should be well worth it.) ONE QUESTION! When will this be coming out online or on DVD? Are you going to publish one or the other first? 😀 Does want!


  12. Anthony says:

    Please, for the love of god , POST THE MOVIE ONLINE OR ON DVD ALREADY! The area around my home is getting absolutely zero activity, and we can barely afford to eat, let alone buy plane tickets just to see a movie (albeit an epic one, from the sounds of it.) I’ve been following you guys since the beginning, I don’t think I can wait another 4 years! (especially since this is my last year before college). So please, throw me a bone here.


  13. Iambubbaq says:

    I agree with Anthony. You guys have done great. But jesus I’ve been waiting for this movie for years! Great hot spots idea but its taking WAY WAY WAY to long. Release the video PLEASE! You can still do the hot spots but release it for those who are unfortunate enough to not be able to make it to one.
    No offence, but I think we’ve all waited long enough…


  14. cleito says:

    Are they reading this page? No one from the movie is saying anyhting, so….
    I really want to see the movie, but how? toc toc toc…hello???


  15. Raymundo says:

    I posted some of the images on username is thesuperraymond.


  16. paul teichman says:

    no shit! I want to see the movie too, somebody give us some imfo!!!!!!


  17. Sheila says:

    & I’d also one day want to play Princess Zelda…
    I’d dye my hair blonde just to do that ! ( :


  18. Anthony says:

    Hmm… maybe Nintendo silenced them? That’s the only reason they wouldn’t update that comes to mind, aside from there not being any new info, maybe. Oh well, I will continue to wait for this, what looks like the greatest movie of all time (even better than the Final Destination movies!)


  19. The Hero of Time | Superlevel says:

    […] Zelda Fan-Film The Hero of Time feierte zwar bereits im Sommer diesen Jahres Premiere, ist aber erst jetzt in voller Länge (108 Minuten) im Netz verfügbar. “The film is […]

  20. Tawana Cissell says:

    I bookmarked!


  21. Clemente Lamphiear says:

    Did you annul it? Its exelent i like this damned much.


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