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While we are preparing for our next BIG video update, posting here in the next couple days, we’re happy to present some international press the film is receiving! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No? Thats okay, click here to read the translation on the forum! Thanks for being patient and for continuing to make the HoT spots burgeon with little red pins!


Check back really soon for some really important news!! And don’t forget to register for HoT Spots!!

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  1. hylia.honeymoon says:

    yeah, i am german and i was glad to read about HoT in a german online magazine! I always thought that I am the only one in germany, who wants to see this movie, but now i can maybe hope that there will be a screening in germany ^^

    I’m looking forward to the next update ^^


  2. Makorus says:

    Well, guessing this English interview is the original the German version is slighty altered. But at its core it says the same.

    @hylia.honeymoon: You are not the only one who wants to see this movie in Germany 😉

    If you need help translating anything into German email me. And please screen that movie in Germany! Many fans here are waiting for you!

    By the way, Makorus is the German name of Makar 😉


  3. George R. Powell says:

    That’s really cool. Be nice to get more press coverage.


  4. Viridis Crystallis says:

    That’s awesome. I also look forward to the next update.


  5. KeWiin says:

    weill i´m german too and I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE … german or english it doesn´t matter but i want to see it please maybe in parts on youtube or a screening in germany…:)PLS


  6. Pyrotess says:

    Hey everyone!

    I see, I’m not the one one in germany who wants to see the movie. :)
    It just needs subtitles for the people who are not able to understand the english language!
    Please upload it on your page or something like that! We were all waiting such a long time!

    Greetz from germany!!!



  7. mira says:

    hey there,

    i really hope to see this movie in germay… so … PLEASE… show it here!!


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