Composer Extraordinaire!

George R. Powell has done an incredible job supporting the tone of our film with his exceptional 87 minute original score to The Hero of Time. You can hear kindred Zelda melodies, but overall there is nothing overtly video-game-like about it.  The score really is one of the best parts about the movie and we are so proud of George and his work. He has fashioned a wonderful little showcase featuring a few samples of the score to The Hero of Time:

Also, we are posting an entire track from The Hero of Time score for your listening pleasure!!!  Enjoy.

Be sure to stop by his website at and let him know how hard he rocks!

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  1. Silvio says:

    thank you for everything you are doing, It’s been more than a decade since I first discovered the world of Zelda, I fell in love with it and now I’m 23 and still loving it, for so many years I’ve wanted to watch a movie about it, you are making my dream come true, I’m sure it will be wonderful!
    Keep it going,
    thank you


  2. tyler kennedy says:

    thats incredible. the Music box song made me wanna bahhhhh


  3. Cleito says:

    Awesome! Great!
    This soundtrack is beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see the movie and hear the music!
    Great Job.


  4. Tyler says:

    Amazing… a chill went down my back when I heard the music box soundtrack.


  5. Jennie says:

    That was very beautiful! the Music Box song was amazing, and the woman has a beautiful voice. :)


  6. hylia.honeymoon says:

    wow, i like it ^^
    and i think, like maybe all do, that the music box is very cool ^^

    well done, george! ^^


  7. CDi Hater says:

    It’s like only 2 steps down from Nobuo Uematsu & John WIlliams!
    If the movie tanks (Hopefully It WILL live up to expectation) at least the music will be…magnificent!


  8. Matt says:

    The music box was very impressive. I will watch the movie even if it’s just to hear the music. 😛 And I would purchase a soundtrack if you sold one, without a doubt. (But I’m aware of the fact that there could be some interesting problems with that)
    Anyway, always good to hear what people are composing, especially when it pertains to some of my favorite music of all time.


  9. Brandon says:

    I hope that track “Hero” is just the credits or something. That would really ruin this movie if it was in the middle or something. But I love this composers take on Zelda and Movie music. It’s inspiring!


  10. serf_lord says:

    wow, that makes me so unbelievably happy that you did end up using the traditional Zelda flavor in “Music Box”, George. even if everything else is original, just that one taste of the old familiar music will give the movie a new, yet still just recognizable feel to it.


  11. link says:

    hola que gran trabajo han hecho con la banda sonora pero cuando se extrena la pelicula???????


  12. George R. Powell says:

    To everyone: Thank you for your wonderful replies.

    Brandon, don’t sweat it. I made that rendition song for the promo only. It will not be in the film. It was just for that promotional video you can view here and on YouTube. =p


  13. Li the Tanuki says:

    I can’t stop listening…


  14. Aliena says:

    Wonderful, phantastic!
    Is it possible to download all the music? I’d really enjoy that.


  15. George R. Powell says:

    The soundtrack has not been released just yet. I believe, though I’m not 100% certain, as it’s up to them and not me, that the soundtrack will be released alongside the movie. Whether or not around the time of the screenings or around the time of the public release, I don’t know, though I would assume the latter.


  16. echelonangel15 says:

    Wow! I want the soundtrack, the various music segments are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the movie. Listening to the music made me have a trip down memory lane when I played the Oracle of Ages. Again, MUST HAVE THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!!! Keep up the great work:)


  17. Brianna_____thatz it... says:



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