Thank You!

Hey Everyone!

We have been so enthused by your response to HoT Spots! For those of you who haven’t signed up, here is a preview of the areas with the most activity represented by the push pins.




Here are the leading cities!

1. Los Angeles

2. Minneapolis/St. Paul

3. New York

4. Philadelphia

5. Houston

We are so happy with everyone’s support! We will be releasing some new media for you all to enjoy very soon. Some of which, fans of George R. Powell will love! As well as another HoT series video update!

Check back with us soon, and don’t forget to register a Hot Spot if you plan on attending a screening or want The Hero of Time to come to a screen in your area!

– HoT Team

7 responses so far, want to say something?

  1. Johnnpikachu says:

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for an update! Its been over a month since the last one, and I was getting worried that this was just another elaborate april fools day prank that would be announced this year. But now I believe that this is a REAL (well, kinda) movie… Ok, fanfilm. Still, I cant wait to see the movie when its finished!


  2. Rosinkrans says:

    Thats awesome. Looking forward for a new media. 😀

    Well, Iceland got at least 2 votes. :T


  3. CDi Hater says:

    LA is in 1st!!!
    Come to Anime Expo ’09!
    We’d love you here!!!


  4. Viridis Crystallis says:

    This is awesome news! Cheers for Minnesota!


  5. luigisf says:

    Sweet, Houston is leading, at least i can make it there! Oh and remember april 1st? the day i marked on all the calendars close to me with sharpies? yeah you know


  6. Triforce of the Gods says:

    @ luigisf: If you think this is an April Fools joke, then you should know that this has been going on for over two years know. There just hasn’t been many updates for most of that time.


  7. luigisf says:

    @triforceofthegods: I am not talking about this movie, i was talking about the dissappointment ign made almost a year ago. I know this movie is legit.


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